Over years spent managing artists and artist-types and working with small businesses, I’ve developed a knack for coming into a situation and organizing it, without disturbing the delicate balance of how people like their stuff. I can see where things need improving and suggest ways to improve them that help and do not overwhelm. My goal is to make your work life easier and build upon what you’re already doing, not completely reinvent the wheel.

I get what it’s like to be too busy working hard to stop and reassess how you could be working smarter. I am here for that.


DAY-TO-DAY Operations

Below are some things that might help make it a little easier to crawl out from behind that stack of papers.

Systems & Software Improvement

  • Review current systems & softwares and help build, implement and train on available tools and more efficient ways for invoicing, accounts receivable, sales, lead and contacts tracking using tools like Pipedrive, Asana, Zapier, Google Drive / Forms / Spreadsheets, Slack, etc

  • Setup or audit of project management or team collaboration software; cloud storage folder hierarchy organizational audit or setup; physical records or office setup / organization

  • Recommend tools for more effective meetings

  • Here’s a case study on building out Asana to help organize the many different hats we all wear

Process & projects

  • Project planning & management

  • Review operations and management processes and document them step-by-step.

  • Identify gaps in coverage and recommend additional resources (contractors, interns, staff, etc)

  • Identify any inefficiencies & redundancies, suggest improvements

  • Here’s a case study on how I helped a pilates studio rethink the way they paid their instructors

Client Experience

  • For client-facing businesses, implement system for gathering NPS (Net Promoter Score) for all facets of interaction with clients to help you understand how you’re doing and inform future decisions

  • Research, build and implement new ways to streamline client-booking process; ex: auto-filled contracts, all digital payments, client portals, simplify & systemize payment process across all services; automated calendar booking

  • Here’s a case study on how I used google forms & docs to make it easy for artists to report sales from the road

Growth (Implementation & Management)

  • Work with you to develop creative & realistic plans for those seed-stage growth ideas you’ve had but can’t ever seem to get to

Contacts Maintenance

  • Maintain current contacts database, cleaning up, adding notes, continually updating with new info

  • Build contacts database if one doesn’t exist, pulling together info from past and present clients, outreach + incoming requests

  • Here’s a case study on a super nerdy contacts database that I built



And here are some things to help you stay on-brand.


Marketing Planning:

  • Build and maintain yearly marketing calendar to encompass all events, upcoming important dates, etc and always have at least a solid view at the quarterly level

  • Create brand guide & best-practices / social “voice” to ensure consistency no matter who is running


The above bullet points are just some suggestions. I am always open to discussion and figuring out a custom project that works for you, I understand that this sort of work is not one-size-fits-all.

As a general rule, when I work hourly, I charge $50 / hour — and I get a lot done in that hour. Project fees or monthly retainers are also a possibility, but pricing would be on a case-by-case basis. I am open to either way of working, although often prefer to start off hourly and build towards a more regular project or monthly fee as it tends to benefit everyone involved!

Regardless, I hope you’ll reach out - no project too small or big, I am always willing to chat. Feel free to email me or fill out the form below. Or if you’d prefer to hop on the phone, grab 15 min on my calendar for a call, here.