My Career History (In Two Paragraphs):

I got my start at and independent record label and management company called Ramseur Records, based in North Carolina. From 2006-2010, I was the sole employee there, with my hands in every aspect of the business - overseeing the careers of Grammy-nominated folk rock band The Avett Brothers, Grammy-award winning old-time band Carolina Chocolate Drops, the everybodyfields, Simone Felice, Sam Quinn, Samantha CrainFrontier Ruckus and Bombadil.

In 2010, I left Ramseur to found Spacecar Management and had the pleasure of representing Natalie PrassJill Andrews, Holy Ghost Tent Revival, Michaela AnneThe Devil WhaleSimone FeliceMatt Phillips and Toy Soldiers. In 2014, I joined the team at Easy Sound Recording Company, and worked on releases from Fruit BatsRogue WaveMarianne FaithfullRodrigo AmaranteFuturebirds, EDJ, The Donkeys and Vetiver; simultaneously continuing my work at the helm of Spacecar, with a focus on management consulting and special projects.

Some Spacecar Management Alumni:

Some Albums I've Worked On:

Often, an artist can handle the day-to-day of touring, writing, even recording. But when it comes to releasing a record, especially independently, the work can get daunting. Releasing a record on your own is like creating your own pop-up label. And most labels have someone at the helm of the release to "quarterback" or project manage it. The project manager creates and implements an overall release strategy, builds the appropriate team and makes sure all of the pieces are in place. Then, they manage all of those pieces (and people) and see to it that the aforementioned strategy is executed. This is a day-by-day task that requires a lot of juggling, hand-holding and often fine-tuning, and it lasts throughout an entire album cycle.

Luckily, this work is just my specialty. I have managed and worked on record release campaigns since 2006, from The Avett Brothers’ Rick Rubin-produced I and Love and You, to small digital-only single releases. I have had a hand in every part of an album release cycle, from demo phase to touring a year out from release date. I know what it takes to get a record properly released, how to stretch a budget, and how to juggle all of the moving pieces.

Each campaign is different, and every artist needs a different level of attention, but some of the services I provide in this realm are:

  • Working with you to create a realistic budget for the release and all that entails; keeping track of that budget throughout the campaign

  • Crafting crowdfunding or fundraising strategy

  • Managing your crowdfunding campaign, including organization of reward ordering and fulfillment

  • Advisement on building the “release team” - publicity, radio, licensing, distribution, etc.

  • Liaising and strategizing with the team, organizing and leading regular team check-ins

  • Producing and laying out album artwork, marketing materials and assets for advertising campaigns.

  • Promotional touring strategy advisement

  • General project management, once release is on its way. This translates roughly into making sure everyone you’ve paid is doing what you paid them to do

  • Planning and advising physical and digital retail marketing and advertising

  • Developing and advising interactive marketing & social media campaigns.

  • Advising D2C (direct to consumer) sales strategy - aka “merch stuff”

  • Managing manufacturing and inventory

  • Day-to-day administrative tasks & misc support in creative and administrative fields, as needed

I'm used to handling all of these aspects, and offer full-release management which includes all of the above (and more usually). But I’m also happy to offer any of the above services a la carte -- say Kickstarter setup and management, or retail support. We can also simply hop on Skype or grab a coffee to talk through some general advice on how best to manage and position your release, before you dive in. I'm flexible! Get in touch and let’s figure out how we can work together.

Eric D. Johnson
Stephanie was the MVP of my last couple of projects. She was not only totally diligent and badass when it came to the nuts and bolts of the releases themselves, but also had creative energy and ideas that extended beyond just the normal ho-hum record cycle stuff. She even hooked me up with management. That certainly wasn’t her responsibility, but she knew that it would help the whole situation. Plus it was just something a nice friend would do. She’s a gem!
— Eric D. Johnson, Fruit Bats

Stephen Brower
Stephanie is incredibly talented, detail-oriented, and would be an asset to any company or artist. Her skill set, which includes design, project management, and digital marketing capabilities, is decidedly rare and valuable.
— Stephen Brower, Easy Sound Recording Co.

Who needs a consultant?

✓An artist just starting out, looking to grow in the right direction, but not yet ready for full-time management.

✓An artist in between managers, who needs help with the day-to-day, with reorganization & restructuring.

✓An artist with a great business sense, strong big-picture vision and a lot of day-to-day work.

I am a listener and problem solver by nature, so I enjoy nothing more than sitting down with someone and helping them zoom out, patch holes and make plans.

In a lot of cases, hiring a management consultant, whether short or long term, can be of great benefit to the artist. Rather than signing over a percentage of your total income to someone, and entrusting them with every aspect of your business, you get to take “management” for a test drive instead. As a consultant, I am hired by the artist, and only take on projects and tasks that we’ve agreed together I will work on.

This is a great way for an artist who’s never had management to see what the working relationship is like and what the benefits are to working with a manager without diving in head-first. And it’s nice for more experienced artists who have had full-time management in the past, are looking for full-time management again, but aren’t quite ready to make that leap. I’ve also found it helpful for artists with a clear vision for their own career, and great business acumen, who simply don’t need someone overseeing everything. In that case, a day-to-day consultant working on tasks they’re strictly assigned to -- like booking flights, communicating with the artists’ team or working on social media -- is a welcome addition to the fold.

No matter what your need, I'd love to hear about your project and see how we might be able to work together!


Steph was the first person to come into the picture and take a chance on our band - it seems like most of the business these days is based on safety and numbers and so for someone to take a leap based on passion and vision is rare, like a lost art.

Steph brought life, structure and legitimacy to what we were doing by putting us on a real concrete path and for the first time in my musical life it felt like it was possible to cultivate a career. Steph is incredibly smart, organized, laid back and my favorite part - no bullshit - she helped me make sense of this strange pursuit.
— Ron Gallo

Stephanie is super smart, organized, and a complete out of the box thinker. She has been a real asset to me and my career.
— Jill Andrews

Stephanie came into our lives at a time of much needed guidance.  We were in a huge transition as a team and needed someone with a vision and the ability to lead with that vision.  We were not an easy task due to the size of our group. Managing 7 individuals along with a business was a huge task but she was willing and happy to do it.

Within a few months we had a new booking agent, a new payroll system, connections to venues and festivals that seemed out of reach for us in the past. Her understanding of the business and passion to make us and herself successful was a breath of fresh air in this industry where it seems more and more that if you don’t have numbers or corporations on your side then there is no point.  She brought a sense of humanity to our business and helped us grow a lot in the few years we worked together.  We rebranded ourselves, released a record produced by Bill Moriarty and successfully crowd sourced the release of that album with her at the helm. It was a pleasure to work with her. 
— Stephen Murray, Holy Ghost Tent Revival