Since this site is so dense with content, here's a video tour of some of the functionality:

This site was set up in order to have "working one sheets" for Easy Sound Recording Co's entire catalog. The intention was to create a place for internal, promotional use that could help the label and artists' teams have a hub of information relevant to the current release: quotes, recent press, links to downloadable assets, album cover, audio stream, videos, recent tour dates, UPC & sales info, etc. In order to accomplish this, I set up the site as pictured, where the user can navigate via the buttons on the right of each page, to browse through all of the different releases. This is where the label would point anyone interested in the label as a whole. I then set up a separate, duplicate page for each release that didn't have links to anywhere else on the site, so the artists and their teams could use the site to promote just their own album.