Hi! So, you took the first step in getting a website going. Now, I need you to answer some questions for me so I can get a better idea of what you're looking for. Take as much time as you need answering these, but just be aware - we can't get started til I get this info. So the sooner the better!

Starter questions

Some Common Options:

Home / News: Can include a blog for updates, social feeds like instagram and twitter, upcoming tour dates in a side bar, etc.
Tour Dates / Events
Media: Can be a combined media page with photos and video, or you can have a dedicated page for Video and Photos each
Music: I prefer to keep this seperate from photos & video, just because it gets cluttered otherwise
About / Bio
Contact: If you don't have a whole lot of different team members, might make sense to just add this to another page, or in the footer of your site.
Press: A journal / blog page to keep recent press clippings
Directions / Hours
Menu or Services

You're not limited to these options, only limited in the number of pages. So, if what you've got in mind isn't listed here, feel free to name it below and we'll see if it can work!

This form is secure, but If you'd rather not put that info here, feel free to say so and you can tell me over the phone! Also, for Facebook, you'll need to make me an admin temporarily - instructions on how to do that here. My Facebook email address is steph.mirabelli@gmail.com

Do you want social network feeds on the site? *
Check the ones you want on the site. We'll figure out where to put them later. Leave unchecked if you don't want any.

Initial content for site. *
Initial content for all of the pages. If you want a "news" or "blog" section, I'll need an initial post. If you want photos, I'll need photos. Videos, etc, all the same. Hours / Directions, I'll need your hours and address. You will be able to add and edit content on your own once the site is up and running, so I just need some initial content for each page that you'd like to get things started.

Select below whether you will email me the info or if you'd like me to create a shared folder for us in Dropbox for everything. (Dropbox is preferred)

This refers to how the pages are laid out, if there's a sidebar, if there's a big header, etc. Point out what you like about each example.

This refers to the colors, fonts, textures, etc.... make sure to point out what you like about the examples you send.

*SKIP to the next section if you're not including music on your site.*

Music - if you're going to have music, how do you want it to be shared on your site?
Soundcloud player (ex: http://jillandrews.com/music)
Link To External Site (ex: http://www.timesawyer.com/)
Integrated Album Page on Site (ex: http://www.kirstenmaxwell.com/music)

Music - If you're going to have music, select the option for sending your music to me.
I'll need .wav files. DO NOT EMAIL as attachments. Send any CDs to 3011 Conviser Dr. Nashville TN 37207

Contact info

Your Name *
Your Name
Your Number *
Your Number
Preferred Method of Communication *
I prefer email!