So how does this work?

Good question. Web design (just like all visual design) is certainly a process, and it will be a unique experience for everyone, but I've done enough of it that I've got it down to a bit of a science, and can usually work through the same steps for everyone. First, you pick what sort of website you want. Do you need something really simple that just has a few basic pages, or do you want something really involved with interactive features, data collection, maps, etc? Once you pick what you're looking for, you'll send over a deposit and fill out this form to give me a more detailed idea of what you're looking for. Once you provide all of the initial content and any design elements you want to include, and filled out that form, I should have a pretty good idea of where to start. I'll come up with an initial draft and send it over for your feedback. The more specific you are about what you like and dislike about the drafts I send over, the better. Based on your initial feedback, I'll go back and work a bit more, and present you with a second and final draft for you to look over. This is where you really go through it with a fine-toothed comb and make note of any additional edits or changes to the design that you'd like to see. After this, I'll present you with the finished product. There will be a lot of back and forth between the drafts, and almost always, the design is worked out within these couple of drafts. Once the final draft is complete and accepted, and I've received the remaining balance due, I'll switch over the site to go live at your domain name, and then send you a screenshot video walking you through how to update the content of the site on your own, and how to enter your payment information for the hosting company. And you'll be all set and ready to go!

What exactly am I getting here?

To be clear, I am not a programmer. I am a designer, extending your visual presence to the web. What I'm creating for you is not a website from scratch, but a tried-and-true template that is completely customized to your brand. So keep in mind, there may be some things that you'd like to see (maybe you want your links to be flying unicorns, or want a flash animation to be the front page of your site) that I simply won't be able to do, given the limitations of the platform. 

I have found that the platform I use allows for all practical elements of design to be built in to a site on their platform.  I strive for simplicity and accessibility in my designs and use templates that place an emphasis on that. 

How much does this cost?
What I charge varies, depending on the project and what's required. Some variables are how many pages you'd like, what sort of content / structure you want on those pages, if you already have a visual brand (logo, album art, strong photos) that you'd like me to build the design around, or if I'm starting from scratch. But as a general rule, I charge between $600-1,000 for a website. That doesn't include hosting and domain fees.

What are hosting & domain name fees all about? And what do they cost?

Think of your domain name like your street address, and your host like your house.

DOMAIN NAME: You pay a fee per year for your domain, which is the actual part of the site. If you don't already have a domain name purchased, you will need to go to a site like to search for and purchase a domain. However, you do NOT need to purchase hosting or any other services outside of simply the domain name. They will probably try to add a whole bunch of stuff! Just say no. 

HOSTING FEES: The current hosting fee through the platform I use is either $10 or $20 / month, or it can be cheaper if you pay for a whole year up front. The $10 fee covers a basic site with most of the features any basic user would need. The $20 hosting fee includes all that the $10 fee does, but also allows for you to have a webstore integrated into the site and sell up to 20 products.