Management, graphic & web design + logistics.
For independent musicians, artists and entrepreneurs.
(yes, you.)


So ... what do you do exactly?

I'm a graphic artist, a manager and all-around efficiency & logistics person.   

Over the past eleven years in artist, record label & small business management, I've seen a consistent need for:

✓Affordable, flexible and transparent graphic & web design.
✓ Help seeing the bigger picture, an unbiased ear willing to listen, and an experienced voice ready to respond.
✓ Navigation through the information overload that is modern life.

And it doesn't matter where you're at in your career. We all need help with this stuff.
Let me handle it so you can get back to doing the thing you actually care about.

Drop me a line, let's figure it out together.


When it comes to web design, I'm not building your website from scratch, or creating a complex content management system that you will need me to maintain. I customize a template-based system to bring your brand to life, and then hand you the keys. Content is easy to update, with most of it pulled in from social widgets, keeping your website's content fresh without having to add yet another thing to update.

Digital design needs to be fast-paced and flexible. With a working knowledge in the music & marketing industry, I already know what size & file formats most things need to be - and how quickly they need to be turned around and updated - so we can just focus on the fun part.


One of my favorite types of design, because I get to actually hold the end product in my hands or see it on a bus bench. 

Spacecar management alumni:

I got my start right out of college at a small independent record label and management company called Ramseur Records, based out of North Carolina. From 2007-2010, I was the sole employee there, overseeing the careers of Grammy-nominated folk rock band The Avett Brothers, Grammy-award winning old-time band Carolina Chocolate Drops, the everybodyfields, Simone Felice, Sam Quinn, Samantha CrainFrontier Ruckus and Bombadil.

Since parting ways with Ramseur in 2010 to found Spacecar Management, I've had the pleasure of representing Natalie PrassJill Andrews, Holy Ghost Tent Revival, Michaela AnneThe Devil WhaleSimone FeliceMatt Phillips and Toy Soldiers as well as working with countless bands on branding and management projects. In 2014, I joined the team at Easy Sound Recording Company, and worked on releases from Fruit BatsRogue WaveMarianne FaithfullRodrigo AmaranteFuturebirds, EDJ, The Donkeys and Vetiver.



When I was a junior in high school, my Latin teacher asked if she could keep my notebook at the end of the year, to use as her own person course syllabus for following years. I also have a three-ring binder dedicated to each room in my house for design ideas, legitimately feel a sense of peace and calm when I walk into an office supply store, and find great delight in discovering a new reason to create a spreadsheet. I love to summarize, to link, to make everything easy for everyone to find.

Basically, I really like to be organized and efficient. It’s not just a matter of necessity and practicality for me, I enjoy it.

I’ve also worked remotely and with artists, businesses and individuals in different locations for most of my career, so I have had to learn how to communicate efficiently, and share information effectively online. And I am constantly learning new ways, as they’re developed.

How that has manifested itself in my modern worklife is: proficiency in Excel, Google Docs, Dropbox, Asana. Pretty much any sort of team collaboration software or platform, if I don’t already use it, I’m excited to learn everything about it. 

Another word for this service might be “virtual assistance,” so if that helps you envision how I could help - great! I prefer the term logistics, though, because I’m not just taking care of things for you .. I want to empower you and give you the tools to work and communicate more efficiently on your own! If you’ve got a project that needs some organization, a team that needs to collaborate better or a spreadsheet just dying to be made, please get in touch!