Operations & Logistics

Even I need help with logistics sometimes.

Even I need help with logistics sometimes.

When I was a junior in high school, my Latin teacher asked if she could keep my notebook at the end of the year, to use as her own personal course syllabus for following years. I also have a three-ring binder dedicated to each room in my house for design ideas, legitimately feel a sense of peace and calm when I walk into an office supply store, and find great delight in discovering a new reason to create a spreadsheet. I love to summarize, to link, to make everything easy for everyone to find.

Staying organized and efficient isn't just a matter of necessity and practicality for me, I enjoy it.

I’ve also worked remotely and with artists, businesses and individuals in different locations for most of my career, so I've had to learn how to communicate and share information with a remote team efficiently. And I am constantly learning new ways, as they’re developed.

How that has manifested itself in my modern worklife is: proficiency in Excel, Google Docs, Dropbox, Asana. Pretty much any sort of team collaboration software or platform, if I don’t already use it, I’m excited to learn everything about it. 

I specialize in building and implementing communication & operations systems as well as process review, creation and improvement, across all types of industries. My goal is to empower clients with the tools to work and communicate more efficiently on their own. If you’ve got a project that needs some organization, a team that needs to collaborate better or a spreadsheet just dying to be made, click here to read more or get in touch!


Some of My Specialties:

Client experience improvements & streamlining
Project planning & management
Digital records organization
✐ Physical records or office setup / organization
Client billing & booking systems audit / setup
✐ Tools for more effective meetings

Project management software audit / setup
Systems & software review
Team workflow structure audit and review
✐ Cloud storage folder hierarchy organizational audit / setup
Process documentation and improvement

I have employed Stephanie for over a dozen years. In that time she has proven herself to be the ultimate problem solver, thinking both in the box and out of it. She is a natural born hacker of sorts and consistently streamlines a variety of tasks in every possible way. She has run projects for me involving everything from graphic design to payroll management and restructuring. I am a mom, a business owner, a mentor and a worker bee myself, and I recognize in Stephanie her ability to juggle multiple projects involving left and right brain skills like a ninja. For several years we have worked together remotely and I have found her just as, if not more, reliable and dedicated than some of the people I see every day. She is also funny, warm and pleasant which to me is a great bonus in a staffer and co-worker.
— Jennifer DeLuca, Owner of BodyTonic Pilates Gymnasium

Past Clients:

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